Human Side of Tech Talks with Zach Beer and Danielle Pollard

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1 N Dearborn St

Chicago, US

18 April, 2019

06:00pm - 08:00pm

Join us for a GOTO Night Chicago with
Zachary Beer and Danielle Pollard discussing the Human Side of Tech

DANIELLE - Three proven strategies that create an Agile culture.

ZACH - Team communication/collaboration - stop being an arrogant jerk!

17 percent of large IT projects go so badly they can threaten the very existence of the company, according to a recent McKinsey & Associates study on large scale IT Projects. Now that’s scary… Even more terrifying is that 75% of business and IT teams believe their projects will fail right at the start before one requirement is gathered. The attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the day to day environment of any team is directly related to its overall growth, effectiveness and sustainability. Creating that environment is a Leadership responsibility. In today’s market the pressure to remain competitive and anticipate customer needs is felt way beyond the IT department. To dominate the competition you have to outwork or outthink them; many companies turn to Agile. Let’s dive in and go over three proven strategies that create a culture that supports Agility.

With an Industrial and Systems engineering background and more than two decades of training, executive coaching, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches leadership experience, Danielle believes that we are all connected and that success only happens with the cooperation of others. She is a project/program management consultant and Lean/Agile transformation coach. She is referred to as “the transformer” for her innate ability to bring the best out in others to consistently drive results and deliver value. Founder of 7 Wolves Consulting, LLC. and author of the upcoming book “How to Succeed at Agile in a Waterfall World”, Pollard is passionate about making work fun and cultivating peak performance for teams and companies across the globe. When she is not hard at work Danielle can be found serving her community by impacting the lives of hundreds of inner city youth and aspiring women entrepreneurs through her nonprofit performing arts and empowerment programs.

When I entered software development, I was an arrogant jerk. I thought I knew everything and what I didn’t know I would figure out on my own. I was wrong. I’m also not alone. How you communicate to the people around you will change everything about how they perceive you. If you fail to understand their point of view, they will reject you – no matter how correct you may be. Feel like your ideas aren’t heard? Can’t understand why no one takes you seriously? Maybe it’s not them; maybe it’s you. In this session, I’ll speak candidly about the journey I took from self-centered to team-centered. We’ll examine how today, more than ever, software creation is a team sport. We’ll look at how teams can set themselves up for success or failure from the outset. Most of all, I’ll provide the tools that I use every day to keep from pushing my teammates away from me.

Zach Beer is the Manager of DevOps and Agile Strategy for InRule Technology. He has spent the last fourteen years developing software for companies around the Chicago area, gaining deep technical and organizational skills applicable to a range of industries and corporate structures. He specializes in understanding business value and applying that understanding to the process of creating software. An agile coach, software architect, and speaker, Zach is passionate about helping people and companies reach their potential.

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