GOTO Night: Your Git is a treasure trove

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Office Club


Berlin, DE

07 May, 2019

07:00pm - 09:00pm

Doors opening 18:30
Start 19:00
Cost free of charge

Snacks & refreshments included
Speaker Holger Frohloff
GOTO Night: Your Git is a treasure trove

Your developers use Git all day. They create new commits, merge pull requests, write wonderful commit messages (hopefully!) and create your product. Still, there are times when you are wondering why features take longer, or why bugs creep into your application. Some weeks it runs smoothly. Some weeks are like a rollercoaster.

If you would like to get answers to your questions, your version control system can give you the insight you are lacking. During this talk, I will provide actionable examples as to which data you can get out of Git — and how! Leave the talk with ideas and inspiration about how to mine your Git to learn insights into how to create better products.

Holger Frohloff is an independent consultant from Berlin specializing in improving software quality through training and workshops. He’s worked for over 10 years helping companies architect maintainable web applications and achieve reliable release schedules, low bug counts, and happy developers.