GOTO Night: Exploring Modern Web Development. Ember, GraphQL and Testing.

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kloeckner.i GmbH

Zinnowitzer Str. 8

Berlin, DE

09 April, 2019

07:00pm - 09:00pm

Doors opening 18:30
Start 19:00
Cost free of charge
Snacks & refreshments included
Speaker: Rami Rihawi, Rocky Neurock & Chad Carbert
GOTO Night: Exploring Modern Web Development. Ember, GraphQL and Testing.

How We Sped up Our Frontend Acceptance Tests by 42%

When it comes to testing, it’s always about releasing faster without compromising quality. In this light talk, we'll go over the benefits of having a fast and well-optimised test suite. We’ll also discuss some techniques and ideas that helped us improve the speed of our frontend acceptance tests. In addition to that, we'll showcase how we measure test performance and run tests in parallel.

Rami Rihawi is a 24 years old Software Developer at Kloeckner.i.
He's from Aleppo, Syria and arrived to Germany 3 years ago.
He got introduced to web development through REDI (a school that teaches refugees how to code) where he learned the basics of Javascript and ruby. Now he's really passionate and excited about Elixir and functional programming in general. In his spare time, he reads up on autonomous drones, Blockchain and video games.

No Graph Theory Required: Ember and GraphQL in Practice

A large percentage of Ember developers work on data-intensive applications. Ember’s built-in ORM and the JSON:API spec give us really powerful tools for interacting with that data but sometimes these tools still aren’t flexible enough. In this talk we’ll explore why, and how, we transitioned to GraphQL with Ember, along with some tips and techniques you may want to try out in your own projects.

Rocky and Chad are Senior Frontend Developers at kloeckner.i in Berlin. They are both ex-Portlanders who spent years being involved in the Portland Ember community, attending EmberConf and participating in Ember meet ups. Now they enjoy being involved in all things Ember in Europe.