Design Thinking

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Trifork A/S

Borgergade 24 (1. sal)

Copenhagen, DK

13 June, 2019

05:00pm - 08:30pm

We look forward to welcoming you to this GOTO Night about Design Thinking where we have no less than three great speakers from Trifork, Duckwise and Invokers.


According to have the right amount of sandwiches and a more smooth check-in on the day, PLEASE sign up here:

>> 17.00: Doors open
>> 17.15: Welcome by GOTO and Trifork
>> 17.30: Design Thinking part 1
>> 18.30: Food and drinks
>> 19.00: Design Thinking part 2
>> 20.00: Network
>> 20.30: Thanks for today


Do you wish to accelerate innovation and true digital transformation in your organization? Or do you seek to improve your knowledge about and capabilities within Design Thinking? Then, join us for a night to get inspired on how to unleash the potential of Design Thinking in your organization through real life cases. During the event, we will outline the key principles of Design Thinking and explain how the methodoloygies of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile fit together in practice.

You will learn how to apply the methodologies in a large enterprise context, how you can ensure high user adoption and measure it, how everyone can unleash ones creative confidence and finally how organizations can easily apply the right design thinking tools to tackle strategic pain points.


Julie Bork Nellegaard / Trifork

Julie is working as a Design Thinking consultant at Trifork. She’s been facilitating several Design Thinking workshops across industries such as life science, public, finance and manufacturing.

Kristian Schnedler Jørgensen / Duckwise

Kristian works as a UX and UI designer at Duckwise where he is dedicated to creating first class user experiences through beautiful interfaces. Kristian has been involved in several Design Thinking workshops as a UX specialist. Other than wireframing and prototyping, he’s been focusing on providing the participants with key insights into design and technology trends within the clients’ specific domain

Thomas Ove Rasmussen / Invokers

Thomas is a partner at invokers and is working as trusted advisor with some of our biggest clients. He has been navigating the field of User Centered Solution Design and Enterprise Archtecture for the last 22 years facilitating innovative solution design for global enterprises. He teaches design thinking on a regular basis at educational institutions.