Architecture Today @ GOTO Berlin 2016

December 13, 2016

Software architecture has been lately reduced to “Microservices”. It’s time to broaden the scope again because there is no single architecture that fits all projects, and architecture can make all the difference between a...

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Keynotes @ GOTO Berlin

The GOTO Berlin 2016 Program Committee worked hard to find outstanding speakers from around the world to deliver keynote presentations at the conference. For GOTO Berlin 2016, they picked four amazing speakers who delivered...

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Future of IT @ GOTO Berlin 2016

December 12, 2016

Who would have thought 30 years ago that we would have the whole wide world at our fingertips? In the Future of IT track at GOTO Berlin 2016, we look into the future and...

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Data @ GOTO London 2016

December 10, 2016

Data is piling up. There are more and more interactions with more and more people and more and more sensors every day and the amount of data collected in each encounter grows continuously. In...

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Cloud @ GOTO London 2016

December 9, 2016

At GOTO London 2016, the Case Studies and Solutions track includes a variety of talks focused on emphasising a specific user case where a particular problem was solved or where a particular solution was...

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Architecture @ GOTO London 2016

December 2, 2016

The Architecture track at GOTO London 2016 was one of the most popular at the conference! With great speakers presenting topics like continuous architecture and being Agile about the qualities of your software architecture,...

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FinTech @ GOTO London 2016

December 1, 2016

The FinTech track at GOTO London 2016 covered the technologies powering advancements in FinTech including blockchain and microservices. Sessions also covered the legal rights and risks for developers and building a banking platform as...

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Keynotes @ GOTO Copenhagen 2016

November 10, 2016

The Program Committee for GOTO Copenhagen 2016 always strives to bring outstanding speakers to deliver inspirational keynotes. This year, we (literally) laughed out loud and learned during presentations from Dan North, Scott Hanselman and...

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