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CQRS and Axon Framework & Messaging Patterns for Event-Driven Microservices

October 17, 2017 at 18:30 UTC+1

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Talk 1

Introduction to CQRS and Axon Framework 

Frans van Buul, AxonIQ 

When new software projects get started, it’s common to see a lot of attention going to technical details. Do we need JMS, AMQP or Kafka for messaging? Hystrix when communicating between components? Will it all run on Mesos or Kubernetes? However, these are not the areas where the application’s business value is created.
Axon Framework helps developers to focus on the functionality of an application. By strictly separating infrastructure and business logic, it becomes possible to start small and address scalability and other non-functionals when they become relevant.
In this presentation Frans will show how Axon Framework can be used to build an application with a strong focus on business logic. Axon supports concepts like Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Driven Architecture (EDA), which greatly help accomplish this.

Talk 2 

Messaging Patterns for Event-Driven Microservices 

Allard Buijze, AxonIQ

Where Frans’ talk focuses on applying DDD and CQRS to tackle complexity within an application, Allard will go on to show how these principles also provide us with patterns and guidelines to manage the complexity of large scale, distributed environments
In this talk, we will take a DDD/CQRS approach on implementing microservices, focusing on the messaging between them. We’ll have a look at the stereotypes of messages being exchanged between microservices, and the routing patterns typically associated with them. We will discuss different approaches to ensure decoupling of services on the API level, but also ensuring flexibility to change the system’s behavior at runtime simply by switching services on and off.


October 17, 2017


10 South Place EC2M 2RB London, gb