The GOTO Chicago and GOTO Amsterdam 2020 programs are live!

December 11, 2019

We’re back in Chicago April 27-May 1, 2020, and in Amsterdam June 8-11, 2020, and we’ve invited a lineup of explorers, pioneers and trendsetters to join us for several days of keynotes, sessions and masterclasses at each conference!

The program themes: Our Digital Tomorrow for GOTO Chicago and Good Old Plain Programming for GOTO Amsterdam. Within both themes we’ll dive into core technical concepts and explore what quality code looks like in 2020 and beyond.

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The GOTO Chicago 2020 speaker lineup includes: 

  • Mike Amundsen, an internationally known author and speaker who works to improve the quality and usability of information on the web with APIs, microservices and digital transformation
  • Jessica Kerr, lead engineer at Atomist with 20 years of development experience, a propensity for seeking out a broad knowledge of technologies and a talent for sharing that knowledge
  • Ken Mugrage, Thoughtworks Tech Principle and 30-year industry vet, with the last 10 years spent teaching DevOps and Continuous Delivery for ThoughtWorks
  • Nate Barbettini, CTO at Cobbler, author of The Little ASP.NET Core Book and Microsoft MVP who writes about .NET, JavaScript, APIs and more
  • Dean Wampler, head of developer relations at Anyscale, author of four books, expert in fast and big data, Scala and functional programming; currently mastering deep learning

You have until this Friday at 10am CST to get your GOTO Chicago 2020 pass for the best price possible.

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The GOTO Amsterdam 2020 speaker lineup includes:

  • Dave Farley, author of Continuous Delivery and software consultant who’s been having fun with computers for nearly 40 years 
  • Jennifer Davis, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, co-author of Effective DevOps and speaker on all things DevOps, operations, monitoring and automation
  • Adam Tornhill, author of Your Code as a Crime Scene and programmer who combines degrees in engineering and psychology 
  • Saša Juric, author of Elixir in Action with many years of experience building server systems and desktop applications using various languages and technologies  
  • Ana Maria Mihalceanu, custom application development enthusiast, Trailhead Ranger and a constant adopter of challenging technical scenarios

You have until this Friday at 10am CET to get your GOTO Amsterdam 2020 pass for the best price possible.

GOTO Amsterdam 2020 48-Hour Flash Sale Ends in…