GOTO Berlin 2018’s Best Talks

November 8, 2019

While we wait for the first GOTO Berlin 2019 talks to be released on YouTube, take a look back at a few of the most watched Berlin videos throughout 2018.

Once you’ve watched the below and read through the top comments, head to the GOTO Conferences YouTube channel to explore more than a thousand talks covering the full stack of software development, with new videos being added almost daily. And stay tuned for the release of the first batch GOTO Berlin 2019 talks!

3. James Coplien – The Dehumanisation of Agile and Objects

“This talk caught me off guard. Information dense, authoritative, unique point of view derived from experiences my generation missed. We were given tools and told to use them, very little on why.”


“Coplien is a serious academic; y’all best take heed.”

2. Florian Gilcher – Why is Rust Successful?

“Amazing talk! Makes me want to start learning!!”

“Awesome, entertaining and educating”

“Good explanation to a beginner and great passion in delivery — loved it”

1. Russ Olsen – Functional Programming in 40 Minutes

“One of the most sensible and clear explanations about Functional Programming.”

“That is a beautiful presentation .. and literally too .. free of clutter .. just like Functional Programming ;)”

“This is one of the best fundamental talks for people who already have a programming background or academic experience and want to make sure their next steps are chosen carefully in the world of functional programming.”

*Quotes taken from YouTube comments and GOTO Guide app feedback