Learn to Fly; Sip Drinks; Taste the Food of the Future

October 15, 2019

GOTO Berlin is right around the corner, and we’ve got so much in store for our 5 days at the bcc from Oct. 21-25. Take a look through a few of the activities we’ve got planned below, then head to the registration page to get your pass.

Spending hours soaking up new knowledge can take it out of you, so kicking back and taking a break from talks is a necessity. Which is why we’ve got plenty of activities to help break things up for you (and to help you make new connections with like-minded attendees)…

Learn what technologies industry leaders are using, enjoy snacks and drinks at the exhibitor receptions, compete with other attendees for some seriously cool prizes at our partner booths, and kick back with fancy drinks, flight simulators and a live coding DJ at the conference party. Oh, and we’ve also set up a puzzle corner for you to find your zen during small breaks throughout the conference.

Party from the Future

Bring your hoverboard and self-tying shoes to the party of the future where reality is cloaked by virtual experiences and the DJs create live music by writing code on stage.

We’ll bring Thursday to a close with a keynote from Sonic Pi creator, Sam Aaron— this demo-heavy talk will give you an introduction Sonic Pi, an environment for live coding music that targets both education and professional musicians.

Once Sam wraps up the keynote, we’ll all head downstairs to grab a drink in a world illuminated by black light (be sure to wear white if you want to stand out).

A few highlights to look forward to:

Immerse Yourself in Virtual Worlds

Conquer the skies and experience the sensation of flight through the Icaros VR flight simulator or alter reality in a series of VR games blurring the lines of what’s real.

From fixing bugs to eating them

The future is all about sustainability, and the most sustainable food out there is none other than insects. Get a taste of the future and tuck into some creepy crawlies at the insect buffet (they’re surprisingly tasty — we promise).

There will be other snacks too — we won’t mind if you prefer skipping the insect buffet. 😉

Coding DJ Set

After you’ve grabbed a drink and a snack, head back up to the keynote room to listen to (and watch) Sam Aaron live code the party music in his Sonic Pi DJ set — this is not to be missed!

Register for your GOTO Berlin pass to join the party

Women and Non-Binary Community Lunch!

Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 12:30 — we’re excited to invite women and non-binary attendees to a community lunch hosted by Finleap. We’ll once again invite inspiring humans to the stage to tell you about their journey in tech:

  • Jessica Greene – “From the Barn to the Tree-Planting Search Engine”
  • Alicia Hickey – “Transitioning from Data Scientist to Software Development”
  • Ellen Körbes – “Florianopolis Violinist Turned GO Instructor and Big Data Developer”

We’ll Plant a Tree for Every Attendee!

We’re well aware of the unnecessary waste that comes with large events, so we’re working particularly hard on all the ways we can reduce our environmental footprint. This includes reusing signage as often as possible, asking our partners to be conscious about any swag they bring to the conference and working with venues who have sustainability in mind in all that they deliver.

To help with these efforts, we’re working with search engine Ecoisa. We’re proud to announce that for every GOTO Berlin attendee, one tree will be planted where it’s needed most.