Dive into the Core of Programming

September 26, 2019

We’ve worked hard on a GOTO Copenhagen 2019 program that will deliver the most in-depth experience covering the roots of software development so that you can get back to the office after your time with us ready to improve the work you do day in and day out. 

Sure, we’ll also be up close and personal with the big shots to talk about huge mind-boggling technology. We’ll hear from those who’ve seen it all and those on the cusp of bringing life-changing technology to everyday people, including a keynote on the promises and limitations of artificial intelligence with AI pioneer Doug Lenat, a dive into quantum computing with award-winning scientist Jessica Pointing, and a talk on how office politics led to tragic and destructive journeys into space with Stephen Carver. We’ll even take a ride down memory lane with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

But at the end of the day, getting down to the bare bones of plain ol’ software is just as important to us as bringing you the big picture stuff. Just take a look at all our programming sessions to see what we mean.

Here are the top three themes highlighitng the very core of coding that you’ll encounter at GOTO Copenhagen 2019:

Programming Languages

We’ll present everything from the latest thoughts on the oldest, most popular languages to the newest need-to-know trends on the scene. You’ll have lots of sessions to choose from in this department. A few highlights: 


We all know it’s important to test our code, and yet we need to be reminded about the most effective way to do this again and again. Start with a talk covering what mutation testing is and the best way to use it. Then, jump into a talk on leading versus lagging indicators and their value, what metrics can hurt your agility and what metrics push towards agility.

Technical Debt

Technical debt expert and author of “Your Code as a Crime Scene” Adam Tornhill barely needs an introduction. Adam will bring his expertise to Copenhagen with both a talk and a Masterclass to teach you how to prioritize technical debt in large-scale systems, balance the trade-off between improving existing code versus adding new features and measure long-time trends in technical debt.

While the Early Bird sales are now behind us, we’ve reserved a batch of discounted tickets for our night owls too…

Final sale ends Nov. 7—register by then for your last chance to save!