Another Sneak Peek Into GOTO Copenhagen 2019 – the program launches less than ONE week!

May 2, 2019

We’re one week closer to launching the program for GOTO Copenhagen 2019, which means we’re also one week closer to our 48-hour flash sale on not just conference day passes, but masterclass passes too!

The flash sale, which starts May 8 at 10am CET and ends Friday, May 10 at 10am CET, is your chance to get tickets at the lowest price point available — and it will be your only chance to get masterclass passes at a discounted price.

Add the program launch + flash sale to your calendar:


Sneak Peak at Masterclasses

The program doesn’t go live until May 8, but we’re so excited about what’s in store for GOTO Copenhagen 2019 that we’re leaking a bit more of the program to you now — take a peek at some of the masterclasses we have lined up:

  • Functional Programming in Swift with Daniel H. Steinberg, Author of the best selling book “A Swift Kickstart”.
    • Discover how to add elements of a functional style to Object-Oriented and Protocol-Oriented Programming.
  • Microservice Integration: Events, Sagas and Schemas with Sam Newman, Author of O’Reilly’s “Building Microservices”.
    • Get an understanding of the fundamental differences between in-process and cross-service calls, looking at emerging technology like service meshes and kafka streaming.
  • Effective Collaboration for World Beating Teams with John Le Drew, experienced engineer making psychological safety a right for everyone
    • Explore 5 key indicators of effective teams at Google and learn how you can apply them to your organisation.

Mark your calendar to get first pick on masterclasses when the program goes live next Wednesday, May 8