The GOTO Copenhagen program launches in 2 weeks! Here’s a sneak peak 👀 

April 24, 2019

(Scroll to the bottom to find out who our first announced speaker is!)

GOTO Copenhagen is back November 18-22, 2019 for its 22nd edition. In exactly two weeks, we’ll be releasing a program jam-packed with the brightest minds in tech —  you won’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from and connect with these folks.

We’re so excited about this year’s program release that we’re launching it with a special 48-hour flash sale on both conference day tickets AND masterclass tickets — this will be the only opportunity you’ll have to register for masterclasses at a discounted price. Once the flash sale is over, masterclass prices will increase by 35% and remain the same until showtime! 

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 8 at 10am CET through Friday, May 10 at 10am CET to grab your GOTO Copenhagen tickets at the lowest price point available.

Add the program launch + flash sale to your calendar:

Nov 18-22, 2019: Keynotes, Sessions & Masterclasses

GOTO Copenhagen 2019 will cover 360 degrees of software development. The program, curated by a committee of developers, will include keynotes, sessions and masterclasses on topics including:

Quantum Computing for Everyone |  Security & Ethics | AI Now and Beyond  |  APIs  | Cloud Native
Developer Productivity  | Programming  |  Agile | Teams & DevOps  Microservices

This conference is about more than just the technical aspects of software development — though we cover plenty of that too — GOTO Copenhagen is your chance to take part in and be inspired by a global innovation movement full of explorers, pioneers and trendsetters.

Your First Sneak Peek

Although the program is top secret until registration opens on May 8, here’s your first sneak peek at one of the speakers we have lined up:

He’s the author and lead developer of cURL and libcurl; he worked for Mozilla for 5 years before recently landing on the wolfSSL team; and he’s the winner of the Polhem Prize 2017 (a prize awarded for a high-level technological innovation or an ingenious solution to a technical problem).

Our first announced speaker is none other than Daniel Stenberg!

Program launch and 48-hour sale starts in …