GOTO Inclusivity Grants Available for Chicago and Amsterdam

March 7, 2019

Here at GOTO, we strive to create an environment where everyone is welcome. We actively look for a broad range of tech topics to feature and people to attend our conferences in order to create a unique and inspiring event. This is why we’re making it possible for folks from underrepresented groups in technology to get in on the fun.

We’re excited to offer Diversity and Inclusivity Grants to help cover travel and hotel costs for qualified individuals to attend our upcoming conferences in both Chicago and Amsterdam. These grants will cover travel costs up to $500 for Chicago and €500 for Amsterdam, along with a complimentary pass to attend the conference.

GOTO Chicago Application

To apply for GOTO Chicago, happening April 29 – 30, please submit this application – we will notify applicants by Wednesday, March 27. You can also learn more about this grant here. Special thanks to our Chicago Diversity Grants sponsor Bloomberg!

GOTO Amsterdam Application

To apply for GOTO Amsterdam, happening June 18 – 20, please submit this application – we will inform the applicants chosen for the diversity grants by April 3. You can also learn more about this grant here.

The deadline for both applications is March 20.