[theregister.co.uk] Well, this makes scents: Kotlin code quality smells better than Java

August 6, 2018

Kotlin, which Google blessed last year as an alternative to Java for programming Android apps, has already made its way into almost 12 per cent of open source Android apps, and in so doing has elevated their code quality.

So we’re told by computer scientists Bruno Gois Mateus and Matias Martinez, affiliated with University of Valenciennes in France, who observed that Google at the end of 2017 said Kotlin had infiltrated more than 17 per cent of Android apps developed with its IDE, Android Studio 3.0.

Read the full article at theregister.co.uk and watch Hadi Hariri, Kotlin Expert at JetBrains, present Kotlin 102: Beyond the Basics at a recent GOTO Night in Amsterdam: youtube.com/watch?v=1KldcFc7HCY