[container-solutions.com] Why Use Distributed Systems? Resilience, Performance, and Availability

January 18, 2018

In our first post we talked about replicas, caches and backups. What do we use these for?

  • Both replicas and caching are used for operational performance – to get information into a location where it can be accessed quickly.
  • We also mentioned resilience. Replicas and backups help ensure we don’t lose data.
  • Finally, we use replicas for availability. Availability is subtly different from resilience or performance but it has similarities and it is easily confused with either. Availability means we can always provide a predictable service to our clients rapidly even if there are transient access issues in our system like network problems or contention. For availability, we may keep replicas of our data in multiple locations so if one copy is temporarily inaccessible there is always another to use.

Continuing the series “What is a Distributed System?” Anne Currie from Container Solutions explains more about performance, availability, and resilience.

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