[medium.com/copyconstruct] Testing Microservices, the sane way

January 11, 2018

There’s no dearth of information or best-practices or books about how best to test software. This post, however, focuses solely on testing backend services and not desktop software or safety critical systems or GUI tools or frontend applications and what have you.

Distributed systems means different things to different people.

For the purpose of this post, by “distributed system” I mean a system composed of many moving parts, each with different guarantees and failure modes which, together, work in unison to provide a business feature. This certainly isn’t close to the canonical definition of a “distributed system”, but these are the kind of systems I have most experience working with and I’d argue these are the kind of systems the vast majority of us build and operate. Albeit we’re talking about a distributed system, the terminology du jour is “microservices architecture”.

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