[humio.com] Logging for Systems That You Care About – Feel the Hum of Your System

August 23, 2017

With modern multi-host software systems, we are missing this feeling for normal (or lack thereof) coming from subconscious sensing — we are missing a way to touch our systems. Modern software runs in datacenters that are far away and disconnected from the developers who are creating applications. We have lost that connection.

Metrics dashboards provide visibility, and it is a great place to start, but they are limited as they only provide a view. They provide means to know that something is wrong, but usually not what is wrong. And dashboards are only really good for known problems, new unknown issues are harder. To do that, you need to interact with your system — touch it in real-time and do ad-hoc analytics to see what is going on. Logs are a great place to start because they are already there but in many cases it is just too difficult to get useful information quickly out of large volumes of logs.

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