FinTech @ GOTO London 2016

December 1, 2016

The FinTech track at GOTO London 2016 covered the technologies powering advancements in FinTech including blockchain and microservices. Sessions also covered the legal rights and risks for developers and building a banking platform as a service.

Watch the videos from the FinTech track at GOTO London 2016 below.

Understand your data

with John Davies, Founder of C24

If your CSV, JSON, XML, database table, NoSQL store or Java Object has “20160704000000” in it as a String or even a number then you are part of the Big Data problem and a long way from Fast Data. The space is occupies is one thing but performance is another. To perform any sort of analytics on your data you need it in an efficient form for the CPU, in this case an int. From a business perspective if you’re trying to consolidate your counterpanes limit table with the daily Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) for risk compliance how are you going to do that if you can’t understand your data? John will walk through and demonstrate Java, mostly lambdas, that analyses your data and leaves you with data you can understand.

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Legal risks and rights for developers

with Dr. Kuan Hon, Technology Lawyer

Coding can involve legal pitfalls for developers’ employers or hirers, and even developers personally. For example, the EU General Data Protection Regulation will introduce requirements for data protection “by design and by default”, including security by design/default.

After discussing the role of law and contracts (including international/global aspects), this session will outline some main points to watch out for in the context of intellectual property rights to software, and data “ownership”.

Then it will focus on key legal issues for developers regarding data protection/privacy, particularly in the context of websites, mobile apps, cloud and IoT. However, many compliance issues can also give rise to business opportunities. Some free resources for technology law advice/information will also be mentioned.

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Latency sensitive Microservices

with Rob Austin, Technical Team Manager at Chronicle

What can Trading System and Micro-services learn from each other? What strategies do they have in common?

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Fixing the web with the global Blockchain trust machine

with Dr. Jutta Steiner, COO and Co-Founder of Ethcore

For the last few months, every day there has been a new announcement of a major corporate (successfully ?) trialling blockchain technology in a Proof-of-Concept. For anyone outside of the blockchain space and hype, it has become difficult to discern the signal from the noise. We will give a brief introduction into the true technical innovation of these open multi-user platforms and present several use cases where businesses can benefit: From IT security to data privacy to IoT.

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How I played with the wrong kids on the school yard and cofounded a tech bank

with Peter Grosskopf, CTO at solarisBank

Banks are the dinosaurs of digitization age. Big and mighty but still struggling to survive. I worked in startups doing software development all my life. I never expected I would ever work in a bank because the difference between the cultures could not be bigger. The talk is about how it happened that we started solarisBank, a banking platform as a service 1,5 years ago and why I love what I do.

The talk covers technologies used, our architectural approach and how we (self) organize our work.

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