Web Frontend @ GOTO Copenhagen 2016

November 8, 2016

The Web Frontend track at GOTO Copenhagen 2016 covered new cool web frontend frameworks and programming languages to help to equip you with the skills necessary to start using these in your current or future projects.

Watch the videos from the Web Frontend track at GOTO Copenhagen 2016 below.

A Quick Introduction to Angular 2

with Tiberiu Covaci, Independent Consultant

In 2014 the Angular team decided to start from scratch to implement a new framework for modern web development. This new framework would support only greenfield browser and native mobile applications. They decided to call it Angular 2. The only thing this new framework has in common with the first version of Angular is the core team that started the development of the framework.

This session covers the core features of Angular 2, how to setup the development environment, so you can get started easily, and how you can use Angular 2 to start creating rich Single Page Applications.

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Elm: Friendly Functional Programming For The Web

with Luke Westby, Elm Contributor and JavaScript Developer at HumbleSpark

Elm is a pleasant compile-to-JS language that combines the global reach of JavaScript in a browser with the sensibility and guarantees of a statically typed, functional language. In Elm, every value is immutable, every function is stateless and concise, every DOM update is virtual, and every app is guaranteed free from runtime exceptions. Additionally, it provides this power in a way that is accessible and easy for people who are new to functional programming or UI development to get started and quickly become productive. In this talk, Luke will demonstrate all of the beauties of Elm, its syntax, tools, community, and hopefully convince you that the Elm is exactly what front-end developers have been looking for. He will demonstrate some syntax and show some examples and cover all of the ways that Elm can make programming for the browser a nicer experience for anyone.

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Fixing the image problem of the web using machine learning

with Chris Heilmann, Senior Program Manager Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft

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The Return of Stream I/O

with Andre ‘Staltz’ Medeiros, Creator of Cycle.js and RxMarbles

The Frontend community is remarkably shifting towards functional programming, with tools like React, Redux, Immutable.js and Elm becoming mainstream. In the early years of Haskell, there were three I/O models: Monads, Continuations, and Streams. While the I/O Monad has been established as the standard in Haskell, we are seeing the resurgence of variations of Stream I/O in Frontend, through tools like Cycle.js and Elm. In this talk, Andre explores the benefits and downsides of Stream I/O, and what it promises for the future.

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Progressive Web Apps – the Return of the Web?

with Chris Heilmann, Senior Program Manager Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft

Web Development has become much more complicated in the last years. We tried to beat the threat of native development and we got lured into thinking our great hardware and connectivity allows us to not worry about performance. We made the web slow and annoying as it was seemingly impossible to beat native apps with open web technologies. Latest changes in the market and a new set of web technologies allows us now to slim down and deliver experiences for our users native environments can not match. In this talk, Chris shows you how you can be part of this takeover and what it means for our already existing projects.

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