Android @ GOTO Copenhagen 2016

November 4, 2016

The Android track at GOTO Copenhagen 2016 features five Android experts providing valuable and experienced insights into the art of Android development.

Watch the videos from the Android track at GOTO Copenhagen 2016 below to learn new Android development skills that you can code today.

Exploring RxJava 2 for Android

with Jake Wharton, Android Developer at Square

Development on the next major version of RxJava is underway. While the operators remain largely unchanged, Observable creation, subscription management, and backpressure has been completely overhauled in this new version. This talk will be an exploration on not only what has changed but also the reasons behind why these changes were made. We’ll also talk about how both libraries and applications can migrate to supporting RxJava 2 as well as interop between the two versions. No prior knowledge of RxJava is strictly required, although concepts, terms, and comparisons will be made that do assume some prior knowledge.

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Smoke & Mirrors: the Magic behind Wonderful UI in Android

with Israel Ferrer Camacho, Android Developer at Twitter

Learn the secrets and tricks behind some of the most magical UIs in Android.

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LeakCanary, then what? Nuking nasty memory leaks

with Pierre-Yves Ricau, Android Engineer at Square

LeakCanary is an Open Source library from Square to automatically detect memory leaks in Android apps. That’s cool, but then what? This talk explains how to go from detecting to actually fixing memory leaks. OutOfMemoryError: it’ll soon be just a bad memory!

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Better Android Development with Kotlin and Gradle

with Ty Smith, Software Engineer at Uber

In this talk, Ty walks through using Kotlin with Gradle and Android to streamline your workflow for app development, both within the build tool phase and within the application itself. After a brief overview of Kotlin language, he dives into how it can be used with Gradle to accelerate Android Development with a consistent language through the entire stack. He provides real world examples of using Kotlin in Gradle plugins, Gradle script, and Android apps.

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Efficient Android Layouts

with Daniel Lew, Android Developer at Trello

A well-written, efficient layout can increase performance and simplify maintenance.

In this talk we’ll go over how to write the best layouts for your application. We’ll cover a range of improvements including choosing the right ViewGroup, effectively leveraging resource qualifiers, avoiding code duplication, and more tips and tricks. Come and learn how to get the most power out of every View!

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