IoT and Robotics @ GOTO Copenhagen 2016

November 3, 2016

The future is here: Robotics and IoT solutions are gaining traction in many different industries as well as in consumer products.

Learn how IoT software and hardware can be used to solve problems in many different areas by watching the videos from the IoT and Robotics Track at GOTO Copenhagen 2016. Hear about the challenges of scaling an IoT product to million of devices and discussions on the future of robotics including limits to robotics applications.

Watch the videos from the IoT and Robotics track at GOTO Copenhagen 2016 below.

The Ultimate Arduino Bootstrap

with Preben Thorø, Software Pilot at Trifork

Internet of Things has never been bigger. And it has never been easier. There is a variety of circuit boards, services, and possibilities out there. The Arduino boards and standards have been around for many years and a large community is driven by the fact that this is open source at both hard- and software level, and everything around Arduino is constantly growing. In this talk we will learn to program an Arduino board, we will control inputs, outputs, GPS, an basically everything you need to get started. Prerequisites for the talk is general programming understanding but no Arduino knowledge is required. Though barely an hour, you will be taken from zero to a level where you can actually start to realize your own IoT ideas. The talk is good old plain code where one example follows another and you end up having a small collection of the most useful building blocks needed to start making your own digital products come alive. Everything sums up to how I used the Arduino to draw a curve with a laser beam.

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Scaling IoT

with Michiel Fokke, CTO at Quby and Freek van Gool, Platform Architect at Quby

This presentation is about how Quby created a smart thermostat and was blown away by its success. This is the story of all the stumbling blocks we had to overcome while changing the technology stack to support millions of devices. We share our journey from a private data center solution to a public cloud, where we are moving towards and the arguments that shape our discussions.

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Solving diabetes with open source software AND hardware

with Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Scott Hanselman has been a Type 1 diabetic for over 20 years. Watch below as he discusses the promising state of diabetes technology. How close are we to an artificial pancreas? What technologies exist today to better enable diabetics? What are our options in both the open source software space *and* open source hardware. We talk Intel Edison, OpenAPS, SparkFun, Raspberry Pi, nodejs, Azure, and lots more.

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How to survive in the Robotics Industry as a Software Developer

with Gregory Pelcha, Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead at Universal Robots A/S

The Robotics industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years with the introduction to ‘cobots’ (Collaborative Robots) as well as IoT. This growth has caused a need to move away from the classic industrial way of developing software solutions, to a more modern approach.

In this talk, I share my experiences and challenges within a fast growing company. What it was like to be the sole Developer amongst a group of highly educated yet non-Software Engineers. And what we are looking at today in order to prepare us in the future.

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Panel Discussion: The Future of Robotics

with Gregory Pelcha, Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead at Universal Robots A/S; Wouter Kuijpers, Tech United and Eindhoven University of Technology; Marjon van ‘t Klooster, Tech United and Eindhoven University of Technology; Dan North, Originator of Behavior Driven Development (BDD); and Jørn Larsen, Co-Founder and CEO of Trifork

Will it be possible to create robots able to beat humans in soccer? This session starts with Tech United presenting their vision on creating a team of robots able to beat the soccer world champions. After, we have a panel discussion on robotics and the future of robotics.

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