Connected Worlds @ GOTO Amsterdam 2016

September 23, 2016

Internet of Things is more than controlling your home. There are many, many gadgets out there that you may control with your smart phone or from a tablet. Toys, cars, boats, anything…and drones form their own little corner of all these connected worlds. What used to be science fiction have become customer appliances. Robotics was once either from a distant future or parts of advanced assembly lines; this has changed too. We are currently experiencing the happy dot-com days over again; but what was data- and web page driven is now most often centered around a smart phone where devices and sensors are delivering the data. And we have only just scratched the surface when it comes to apply deep learning to all this.

In the Connected Worlds track at GOTO Amsterdam 2016, sessions covered how the internet of things has progressed from both a conceptual as a practical standpoint. They shared invaluable learnings that they developed while creating connected products. These insights range from product design and hardware challenges to software architecture and data analysis. The final talks consisted of in-depth sessions designed to get you up and running to create your own smart and connected device.

Watch the videos and download the slides from the sessions in the Connected Worlds track at GOTO Amsterdam 2016 below.

Internet of Things: Smart Products, Smart Places but most of all Smart People

with Lorna Goulden, Director of Creative Innovation Works

Innovation Director Lorna Goulden believes that “we are in a paradigm shift of all paradigm shifts”. In order to innovate our way forward we need to be able to both think differently and create differently if we are to successfully ride the impending disruptive wave. Yet from disruptions also come opportunities – if you know where to look for them – which is where Lorna chooses to focus her attention. One key disruptor is the convergence of capabilities behind the Internet of Things the impact of which Lorna presents with her own unique perspective.

Using her “triggers, trends and signals” tool to map hundreds of examples – giving a glimpse into the workings of a creative innovators brain – she illustrates how it is possible to gain a deeper level of understanding into both the broader impact as well as future opportunities. By shifting the focus of enquiry beyond “what” and the ever enticing “how many” to dig deeper and uncover the patterns that help us understand a more qualitative “why” and “how”. Why a change is occurring, why certain behaviour is emerging and how new value can be created within the context of the Internet of Things. At the same time she questions whether the dominant drive to automate people out of many smart and connected systems should be more balanced by incorporating both the intelligence and unpredictability of people back into these systems.

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools – Douglas Adams

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Aftermarket Connected Car: Simplifying Telematics for the Consumer Market

with Toralf Richter, Director of Engineering at TomTom Telematics

The “Connected Car” can be called a specialized rendering of the Internet of Things. A modern vehicle itself is already a network of electronic sensors and actors. By adding an uplink to a telematics service platform a more universal access to car data and functionality becomes possible – with all the benefits and challenges.

The focus will be on a high level overview of the TomTom Aftermarket Connected Car proposition and how it is different from and complementary to many OEM connected car programs. There will be some highlights on the most important changes in technology and architecture as TomTom Telematics moves from B2B fleet management functionality to a general telematics service platform.

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The Ultimate Arduino Bootstrap

with Preben Thorø, Software Pilot at Trifork

Internet of Things has never been bigger. And it has never been easier. There is a variety of circuit boards, services, and possibilities out there. The Arduino boards and standards have been around for many years and a large community is driven by the fact that this is open source at hardware level. In this talk we will learn to program an Arduino board, we will control inputs, outputs, GPS, an basically everything you need to get started. Prerequisites for the talk is general programming understanding but no Arduino knowledge is required. Though barely an hour, you will be taken from zero to a level where you can actually start to realize your own IoT ideas.

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MicroPython and the Internet of Things

with Damien George, ‎Creator of MicroPython

MicroPython is a lean and efficient reimplementation of Python 3 that runs on microcontrollers and constrained systems. It allows you to program these low-level devices using all the high-level constructs that Python affords. Many Internet of Things devices have a microcontroller at their heart, and using MicroPython to build these products gives you a familiar language and development environment well suited to Internet applications, and helps to drastically reduce prototyping time.

In the first part of this talk I will give an overview of MicroPython, its architecture and design decisions, and the kinds of devices that it runs on, from from highly constrained chips with 16k of RAM, to larger systems including the desktop. The second part of the talk will concentrate on the application of MicroPython to the Internet of Things. I will show how easy it is to make an Internet connected device, discuss what sort of things are possible, and what the limitation are with only a small amount of RAM at your disposal.

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Digital Infrastructure and Digital Utilities

with Clemens Vasters, Architect for Messaging at Microsoft Corporation

“Internet of Things” is a metaphor for how the infrastructure of our daily lives is being rapidly equipped with digital smarts. These arise from collecting and evaluating information and controlling systems based on gained insights. This trend provides significant opportunities for new services and, at the same time, just as significant risks related to security, safety and privacy.

Learn about the technical, operational, and organizational challenges posed by digital infrastructures, and about architectural approaches and platform capabilities that help address those.

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