Data @ GOTO Amsterdam 2016

September 18, 2016

Data is the new gold. The Data track at GOTO Amsterdam 2016 was all about collecting, mining and eventually striking gold!

Watch the videos from the Data track at GOTO Amsterdam 2016 below.

Data Science vs. Data Alchemy

with Lukas Vermeer, Data Scientist at

The “Big Data” and “Data Science” rhetoric of recent years seems to focus mostly on collecting, storing and analysing existing data. Data which many seem to think they have “too much of” already. However, the greatest discoveries in both science and business rarely come from analysing things that are already there. True innovation starts with asking Big Questions. Only then does it become apparent which data is needed to find the answers we seek.

In this session, we relive the true story of an epic voyage in search of data. A quest for knowledge that will take us around the globe and into the solar system. Along the way, we attempt to transmute lead into gold, use machine learning to optimise email marketing campaigns, experiment with sauerkraut, investigate a novel “Data Scientific” method for sentiment analysis, and discover a new continent.

This ancient adventure brings new perspectives on the Big Data and Data Science challenges we face today. Watch the video and see how learning from the past can help you solve the problems of the future.

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Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform

with Kaz Sato, Developer Advocate for Cloud Platform at Google

Machine learning and deep learning is one of the most powerful technologies in Google that have been enabling the amazing features of various services such as Google Photo, Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and etc. Now Google started externalizing its most powerful machine learning services as Google Cloud Platform products.

In this session we will focus how developers can take advantage of those products to their application development.

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Fast Data – Tools and Peopleware

with Dave Thomas, Father of OTI and CEO at Bedarra Corporation

For decades, many have argued for and against Dearden’s “Myth of real-time management information” [HBR 1966]. Thanks to massive compute power, memory and storage it is now finally possible for modern enterprises to capture and process the totality of their data current and past. Given they have real-time data the challenge becomes how to clean, transform, query, analyze and present this in meaningful, actionable real-time information. In this talk, we discuss the challenges of working with the real-time data deluge from sensor IoT to Big Data.

We take a brief look at the world of big data tools, event processing, and skills as they exist today. We then discuss our experience building Analyst for Kx, an interactive visual analytics environment for Thinkers. Thinkers are the key enablers for a real-time enterprise and need a capability to Think-Compute-See and actively participate in problem solutions. We discuss user requirements for acquisition, preparation and visualization and our challenges developing solutions consumable by Thinkers that are built on state of the art software technologies fast data technologies.


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Handling an Explosion in Content and Devices with Elasticsearch

with Michael Nissen Thorup Friis, Platform Architect at the LEGO Group and Per Bendsen, Head of Content Management Platforms at the LEGO Group

The world’s largest toy manufacturer has based their digital marketing solutions on a search driven content platform and therethrough address the ever changing use cases, consumer devices, digital habits. The talk will run through the complex business challenges and complement these with solution details focusing on how Elasticsearch is utilized in an Amazon Web Services infrastructure.


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Data as Software as Data

with Andrea Burbank, Data Communicator at Pinterest

Four years at Pinterest show how building a data-driven culture both arises from and contributes to software engineering practices. The talk will touch on building data infrastructure at a growing company, democratization of data, and how data science can help people to think more clearly about product and strategic decisions.

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