Fun Stuff @ GOTO Chicago 2016

September 15, 2016

The talks in the Fun Stuff track at GOTO Chicago 2016 are entertaining presentations that didn’t quite fit in any of the other tracks but we needed to have at the conference. These talks cover new and fun things that we know you will enjoy!

Watch the videos from the conference sessions in the Fun Stuff track at GOTO Chicago 2016 below.

Treat Your Code as a Crime Scene

with Adam Tornhill, Founder and CTO at Empear AB

We’ll never be able to understand large-scale systems from a single snapshot of the code. Instead we need to understand how the code evolved and how the people who work on it are organized. We also need strategies that let us find design issues and uncover hidden dependencies between both code and people. Where do you find such strategies if not within the field of criminal psychology?

This session will reveal the wealth of information that’s stored in our version-control systems. You’ll learn to predict bugs, detect architectural decay and find the code that is most expensive to maintain. Along the way you’ll also see how you evaluate knowledge drain in your codebase, learn the social pitfalls of team work and much more. As a bonus you’ll get an introduction to both modern offender profiling and its powerful counterparts in the software world.

To achieve this, the session combines research on software evolution with findings from various fields of psychology.

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A Comment on Learning

with Aino Vonge Corry, GOTO Chicago Program Chairperson

As an expert you will be asked to facilitate the learning of others, not to mention your personal eternal learning in your field. This interactive session covers how our brains accept new knowledge and store it for later use. Your take-away will be three-fold; how to chunk information you give to others, how to improve your own learning AND something to entertain with at dull parties.

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Challenging the Internet of Things

with Joshua Birk, Principal Developer Evangelist at Salesforce

The Internet of Things has expanded into a diverse array of hardware options and development routes. Using maker favorites like Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards or even consumer models like Amazon Echo, developers can connect these devices together across the Internet to solve complex problems right from their web browser. From Electric Imps to smart bulbs, this session will show how different devices with distinct means of development can be brought into a single, possibly wildly over-complicated, demo which combines multiple integration points all around controlling a single reported case in Salesforce. There may or may not be zombies.

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Growing Up Geek

with Bob Paulin, Independent Consultant, Sarah Johnson, Community Outreach Manager at TechGirlz, and Tim Steele, UI Architect at Benefitfocus

The generation gap has finally gone meta. We’ve come to expect that our kids are going to have a drastically different upbringing and live in a world that doesn’t resemble the one we live in today. One thing is certain; kids will work in a world with technology we’ve never dreamed of, built on top of the systems we’ve left behind. Is youth sports and band practice going to be enough to prepare them for this brave new world? Are we worried yet? Fear not! There are fun solutions to this problem! If you know where to look you’ll find people and organizations in your own backyard dedicated to making sure kids get the opportunities they need to function in a world driven by technology. Come learn about these organizations, where to find them, and how they’re impacting the next generation. Learning to share your passion with your kids helps prepare them for the future, and foster a relationship that can last well past either of your sporting careers. Whether your child aspires to be the next great programmer, inventor or a non-technical rock star, we need to cultivate a generation of code conscious citizens to ensure a better world in years to come.

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Emulating a 6502 system in Javascript

with Matt Godbolt, Developer at DRW

It’s said you should never meet your heroes. They’re wrong! This is the story of Matt meeting and getting to know one of his heroes: the 6502 microprocessor. It powered the Apple IIe, the Commodore 64 and PET, the Atari 2600 and the NES.

And more importantly – to Matt, anyway – it powered the BBC Micro; a British computer that revolutionized and democratized computing in the UK in the 1980s. Keeping this piece of computer history alive is important. And what better way than to write a full-system, cycle-accurate emulator of the BBC Micro … in Javascript?

Matt did just that and in this talk he’ll explain how. Along the way we’ll encounter Javascript performance issues, what it means to be completely accurate (and why it matters), 1980s game protection systems and processor bugs. We get to play some cool games too!

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Modding Security & Privacy

with Barry Galster, Executive Director of Software Engineering at CME

Have you ever used or altered a device for a purpose which differs from the vendor’s original intent? What happens when a company violates the GPL? What is the history of router firmware, leading to OpenWRT, and how can you use it to improve your security and privacy?

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