Javascript @ GOTO Chicago 2016

September 14, 2016

The Javascript track at GOTO Chicago 2016 covered the latest in the world of Javascript with speakers discussing topics like the cost-benefits of using human language in software.

Videos and slides from the conference sessions in the Javascript track at GOTO Chicago 2016 are available below.

Language as an Interface

with Spencer Kelly, Freelance Software Engineer

Language has rules, and the better we know them, the better we can engineer with them. With a not-shy attitude toward the well-studied but under-solved problems of natural language processing, we navigate the best-and-worst that linguistics can offer software development. By addressing grammar, word-sense, and idiomatic language forms, app-developers are beginning to build interfaces that straddle the English language. Referencing Zipfs Law, universal grammar, and all the hazards of modern web-development, we negotiate the cost-benefits of using human language in software.

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The Formulartic Spectrum

with Suz Hinton, Javascript Developer

The physical world is just another binary machine. Data creation, analysis, and corruption combined with JavaScript can make new and unexpected things.

Can you programmatically extract joy from the subjectivity it exists in? Can it be translated into intentional forms to hook others in? This session will gently take you along on a personal journey of how you can use code to expose new expressions of the mundane secrets we hold dear.

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If You’re Reading .then() It’s Too Late

with Luke Westby, JavaScript developer at Raise

First there were callbacks, then there were Promises and soon there will be async/await. The JavaScript community has made great strides in wrangling async behavior, but what if we told you that using Promises in your application logic necessarily makes your code harder to test by introducing effects? In this talk, Luke demonstrates that including async primitives like callbacks and Promises in Node application logic implies that a side-effect has already occurred and that it’s too late for that logic to be tested without any setup. Luke will also demonstrate how to use existing libraries and language features to describe effects as pure data, making logic around outside interactions testable without a network, database, or any other environment.

Download the slides

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Ionic: Mobile App Development with a Superpowered Platform

with Matt Kremer, Project Lead for Ionic Creator

Mobile devices and browsers are now advanced enough that developers can build native-quality mobile apps using open web technologies like HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. In this talk, we’ll provide background on why and how we created Ionic, the design decisions made as we integrated Ionic with Angular, and the performance considerations for mobile platforms that our team had to overcome. We’ll also review new and upcoming Ionic features, and talk about all of the pre-built services Ionic offers like Push, Deploy, Analytics, Authentication and more!

Download the slides

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