Financial Services @ GOTO Chicago 2016

September 13, 2016

Speakers in the Financial Services track at GOTO Chicago 2016 are industry field experts with first-hand experience with the software challenges in financial services.

Watch the videos (and download the slides) below to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrency and other FinTech topics.

The idiot’s guide to quashing microservices

with Hani Suleiman, Co-founder and CTO of Formicary

So your boss, annoying coworker, or random stranger has cornered you and started screaming at you that micro services are the answer to every problem you’ve had (and many you’ve never had).

You feel scared, you feel angry, and you’re not sure of what to do next. Do you jump in enthusiastically, or do you risk looking like a grinch by saying no?

In this talk, we’ll explore options between those two extremes. We’ll arm you with intelligent rebuttals and holes against microservices pitches that nobody puts on the brochures. The financial industry often has interesting restrictions and requirements, and a naive approach to microservices is bound to run afoul of all of these without sufficient preparation.

Download the slides

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Building low latency micro-services and monoliths in Java using high performance serialization and messaging

with Peter Lawrey, CEO of Higher Frequency Trading

  • when to use micro-services architecture vs monoliths
  • why latency matters more for micro-services and what can you do about it
  • low latency/low GC serialization and deserialization
  • low latency logging
  • low latency persisted messaging
  • communication and real time updates to a websocket client
  • unit testing and integration testing

Download the slides

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High bandwidth data and low-latency Java

with Justin Flude, Senior Software Engineer at PEAK6, Michael Vander Pluym, Senior Software Engineer at PEAK6, and Ryan Pratt, CTO of Capital Management

Deep dive into the architecture and implementation of a reliable multicast delivery system for the OPRA feed using a lot of Java, some C, and a bit of Go.

This talk goes through a technical overview of the system, focusing on techniques used to integrate a high speed feed into Java, and discuss pitfalls and problems learned along the way.

Download the slides

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Blockchain – Disruptive service or just another buzz word?

with John Davies, CTO of C24

By now you’ve probably hear of BitCoin, the famous crypto-currency. Most people are aware the critical foundational technology supporting BitCoin is called blockchain, which is a distributed record of digital events. Marc Andreesen, a prominent U.S. venture capitalist has called blockchain’s distributed consensus model as the most important invention since the Internet itself.

But how does BitCoin relate to blockchain and why are global banks investigating the use of blockchain in their applications? What problem does blockchain solve, what technologies does it use, why should you care? Why are a variety of industry sectors interested in this mechanism?

In this talk, John provides valuable information on blockchain, related technologies and implementations for you to make up your own mind. Explanations of how it works, who’s using it today, who might be interested in the coming months/years and why what it may mean to you.

Download the slides

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Cryptography Pitfalls

with John Downey, Security Lead at Braintree

As developers we tend do a poor job of implementing cryptography and other security measures in our systems. Often the primitives used are out of date and overlook very subtle flaws. These mistakes lead to systems that are hopelessly insecure despite our perception that we’ve build an impenetrable fortress. Fortunately there are a few tools and techniques at our disposal that can ease some of the pain. In this talk we’ll explore some of the most common pitfalls developers encounter with cryptography and restore some of our sanity.

Download the slides

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