DevOps Best Practices and High Performance Organizations @ GOTO Chicago 2016

September 9, 2016

We all know DevOps but are we actually doing it right? Who is responsibility for building high performance organizations? And what are their secrets?

At GOTO Chicago 2016, we had several talks helping answer these questions. Watch the videos of the conference sessions in the DevOps Best Practices and High Performance Organizations tracks below.

Knowledge is Power: Getting out of trouble by understanding Git

with Steve Smith, Developer Synthesist at Atlassian

Git is rapidly taking over the development workplace, and nowadays it is integrated with many development, testing and deployment platforms. But one of the downsides of high-level tools is that they can hide the details of what is happening under the hood. So when things go wrong or just get complicated it can be hard to understand why git behaves the way it does. But at its core Git consists of a few simple concepts that, when understood, make it a much more intuitive tool and enables powerful workflows. This talk introduces these core Git concepts and uses them to clarify some examples of seemingly counterintuitive behaviour. It also introduces some of Git’s less-known features and tricks that are useful to have in your arsenal. This is an intermediate-to-advanced course for developers who are already using or investigating Git and want to gain a greater understanding of how it works.

Download the slides

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Bare Metal DevOps

with Chris Read, Senior Systems Engineer at DRW

Excitement over DevOps has grown significantly since the first DevOpsDays conference in Ghent in 2009, but most of the tools and literature carry the implicit assumption that you are running an application or web service on an Infrastructure as a Service platform. This may be delaying, and possibly even preventing, the adoption of sensible DevOps practices by a large demographic who would benefit immensely from them: those who need to maintain their own infrastructure.

In this talk, Chris shares his experiences over the last 5+ years of applying DevOps principles to managing his own bare metal, including:

  • principles that apply regardless of where your services run
  • a migration from AWS to our own servers
  • the hidden gotchas that IaaS systems hide from you when they’re running well, but which you must be aware of in your own environments
  • things I wished others who manage their own infrastructure would talk more about

Download the slides

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DevOps – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

with Jeff Smith, Manager of Site Reliability Engineering at GrubHub

We’re a little over 5 years into the DevOps movement and like most movements that catch fire, the praise is loud and vociferous. But as the movement matures, we need to look objectively at its successes, failures and potential hurdles.

Jeff discusses his experience in a DevOps culture and some of the tough decisions and changes that need to be made in order to reap the rewards.

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Lean Enterprise

with Barry O’Reilly, Co-Author of Lean Enterprise

How can you accelerate your journey to becoming a Lean Enterprise? In this talk, Barry shares his lessons learned from engagements where he has helped enterprises rekindle their capability to explore, experiment and learn how to improve.

What are the key things you should do to start? What are the tools and techniques you can use? How do you prepare to have an impact?

In this session, Barry discusses what are the key issues holding organizations back from unleashing innovation while showcasing the counter measures to apply to achieve high-performance at scale.

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Building a High-Performance Team is Everyone’s Job

with Camille Fournier, former CTO of Rent The Runway

Building great teams isn’t just something that managers do alone, with spreadsheets and workflows and process documents. Great teams come from the participation of the group to push the team there. In this talk we will talk about how you can think about your role in creating a high-performance team, whatever your job title. From choosing your team and interviewing future coworkers, to communicating with your colleagues, to learning and growing as a individual and group, we will go through some of the behaviors that anyone can use to achieve greater success.

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The Secrets of High Performance: Science Edition

with Jez Humble, Co-Author of Continuous Delivery and Nicole Forsgren, Director of Organizational Performance & Analytics at Chef

Jez and Nicole have spent the last three years researching high performing IT teams, and the impact of IT performance on organizational performance. In this talk, we’ll present the key factors that enable not just higher throughput but also higher stability and quality, lower cost, and happier teams. Discover how continuous delivery and lean management practices produce higher IT performance (and indeed what we might mean by performance), along with how to measure culture and its impact on IT and organizational culture. Find out how to science the crap out of software development and product development. Learn the patterns and practices used by high performing organizations to outcompete their peers.

Download the slides

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