Microservices @ GOTO Chicago 2016

September 1, 2016

At GOTO Chicago 2016, many talks covered containers, distributed systems and DevOps but only one track was focused on all things related to microservices. In the Microservices track, speakers discussed topics like security, deployment and scalability.

Watch the videos from the Microservices track at GOTO Chicago 2016 below.

Practical Microservice Security

with Laura Bell, Founder of SafeStack

Moving away from complex monolithic architectures has a range of well documented benefits but also dramatically changes how we have to think about security. How can we make the most of these new approaches without introducing risk to our applications and organizations?

In this session, we take a look at securing microservice architectures and discuss tools, techniques and considerations to achieve this. Based around real world examples and demonstrating both attacks and defence techniques, we will learn how to be bad to our systems in the name of being good.

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The Entity Microservice Trap You May Be Doing It Wrong

with Fred George, Co­-Founder at Outpace Systems

Approaches to MicroServices are almost as varied as the number of companies attempting an implementation. The promise is truly a siren song: Rapid deployment, ease of modification, world peace (well maybe not the latter). Unfortunately, naive approaches are common. Much like naive Agile approaches, the expected benefits do not accrue, and the approach is prematurely slammed. In this presentation, we will review the motivation for some of these approaches, including exploding the database and blind homage to Conway’s Law, and the resulting architectures. We move on to suggest behavior-oriented services as the proper core architectural principle for better MicroService designs. We then review the corequisite demands:

  • Abandonment of the large, operational, pseudo-consistent SQL database
  • Acceptance of redundant data that is not in synch
  • Introduction of multiple, specialized databases
  • Services hiding their data, and only publishing conclusions Abandonment of integration testing, and a move toward active monitoring

We will wrap up by showing a few case studies of successful implementations.

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Deploying and Scaling Microservices

with Sam Newman, Author of Building Microservices

Don’t know your Mesos from your elbow? This is the talk for you.

The challenges of managing many, smaller deployable services mean that what we need in terms of deployment platforms are very different to what was needed before. But few areas of software technology have been experiencing as much innovation and churn as the deployment options available for microservice architectures. From application containers, to docker, to mesos and beyond, this talk will break apart the myriad challenges that can come from managing microservices at scale, and how to pick the right technologies for you.

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Enabling Microservices at Orbitz

with Rick Fast, Principal Engineer at Expedia, and Steve Hoffman, Senior Principal Engineer at Raise

In this talk we will discuss how we enabled decomposition of one of our 500+ system components into a continuously deployed microservice cluster. Our platform is comprised of Apache Mesos/Marathon, Docker, and a number of local services including Consul for service discovery, Logstash for diskless logging, and a custom metrics forwarder to Graphite. Building on this, we’ll detail our CI pipeline using Jenkins workflows to build and publish microservices as Docker images, test and deploy via Marathon/Mesos, and automated change tickets. Finally, we’ll discuss lessons learned from building our own enterprise PaaS and scaling it out to a large organization.

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Microservice Panel

with Fred George, Co­-Founder at Outpace Systems; Jessica Kerr, Polyglot Functional Developer; Michael T. Nygard, Author of Release It!; Rod Johnson, CEO of Atomist; and Sam Newman, Author of Building Microservices

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