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[] How to send your Spring Batch Job log messages to a separate file

In one of my current projects we’re developing a web application which also has a couple of dozen batch jobs that perform all sort of tasks at particular times. These jobs produce quite a bit of logging output when they’re run, which is important to see what has happened during a job exactly. What we noticed however, is that the batch logging would make it hard to quickly spot the other logging performed by the application while also running a batch job. In addition to that, it wasn’t always clear in the context of what job a log statement was issued. To address these issues I came up with a simple solution based on Logback Filters, which I’ll describe in this blog.

[] Tricks of the Captains

Adrian Mouat, Chief Scientist at Container Solutions and Docker Captain, recently gave a talk at DockerCon 2017 entitled “Tricks of the Captains". The talk covered various tips and tricks for using Docker, compiled from the brains in the Docker Captains program.

[] Crafting sustainable on-call rotations

Effective DevOps author Katherine Daniels shares strategies that everyone can use to build better, kinder, and more sustainable on-call rotations.

[] Dealing with the Impostor Syndrome

The impostor syndrome refers to people who fear being exposed as a "fraud". They think that they do not belong where they are, don't deserve the success they have achieved, and are not as smart as other people think. According to Agile Coach Gitte Klitgaard, many high-achieving people suffer from the impostor syndrome. It hinders people in their work and stops them from following their dreams.

[] Why you shouldn’t use ENV variables for secret data

The twelve-factor app manifesto recommends that you pass application configs as ENV variables. However, if your application requires a password, SSH private key, TLS Certificate, or any other kind of sensitive data, you shouldn't pass it alongside your configs. When you store your secret keys in an environment variable, you are prone to accidentally exposing them—exactly what we want to avoid.

[] Startups With Charity Majors & Nicole Forsgren

Frequent GOTO speaker Bridget Kromhout chats about startups with fellow GOTO speaker Nicole Forsgren (DORA) and Charity Majors (Honeycomb).

[] How to Deal with Cognitive Biases That Hinder Collaboration

People are hardwired to instantly decide who we trust, but also to work collaboratively in small groups. Cognitive biases can get in the way of collaboration, but when you understand how these biases work and what agile practices can do to help, you are more likely to build better interpersonal relationships and create successful products, argues Linda Rising.

[] Building Event-driven Microservices Using CQRS and Serverless

In this post, we’ll explore how to implement the CQRS pattern in microservices. We’ll also dive into why serverless is a natural fit for these kinds of systems.

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